Ford’s Big Comeback to India: The Story Behind and What to Expect

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In recent patent filings, it has been revealed that American automobile giant Ford is set to make a comeback in the Indian market with its new product, Mer Endeavor. This move is expected to mark a significant return for Ford, leaving enthusiasts and potential buyers eager for more details.

The journey of Ford in India has been a rollercoaster, with notable exits like L in 2006, Shav in 2017, F in 2019, and in 2020. Now, the revelation of the Mer Endeavor’s patent filing hints at a strong re-entry strategy by the American automaker.

The news has sparked excitement among automotive enthusiasts, but it also raises questions about Ford’s previous exit and the potential success of its return. Many wonder why Ford left India in the first place and what strategy they plan to employ this time.

Analysts point to various reasons for Ford’s earlier struggles in India. One major issue was the confusion in product planning, especially regarding the SUV market. While the demand for SUVs was on the rise, Ford stuck to a single mass-market SUV for an extended period without introducing new models. Cost-cutting measures at the wrong places and high employee costs further contributed to Ford’s challenges.

Despite these difficulties, Ford’s annual sales in India didn’t seem alarming compared to some competitors. However, the company faced substantial expenses, mainly attributed to the construction and maintenance of the Sanand plant. The decision to build a massive plant in India, with a budget of $1 billion, added to Ford’s financial strain.

In 2020, Ford’s operating losses reached approximately $2 billion, prompting the company to exit the Indian market. The Sanand plant, which became a financial burden, was eventually sold to Tata.

Now, with Ford’s comeback on the horizon, enthusiasts are curious about the company’s new strategies. The Mer Endeavor, revealed through patent filings, is expected to be a game-changer for Ford in India. However, questions remain about the reasons behind Ford’s return and whether the company can navigate the Indian market successfully this time.

Three theories circulate regarding Ford’s return. First, the positive reception of Ford’s recent SUVs, Endeavor and Esport, in the Indian market has created a strong demand. Second, selling the Sanand plant has relieved Ford of significant operating costs, making survival in the Indian market more feasible. Lastly, the growing demand for electric vehicles globally may prompt Ford to re-enter India, diversifying its market presence.

As Ford re-enters India with the Mer Endeavor, automotive enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the company’s future plans. While the success of the new SUV remains to be seen, many believe Ford should introduce a diverse range of vehicles to capture a broader market share. The answers to these questions and more are expected to be revealed in an upcoming video, urging viewers to stay tuned for further details.


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