U.S. Concedes Dire Situation in Ukraine as Russia Advances: Urgent Calls for Immediate Funding and Support

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The United States has made a stunning statement over Ukraine’s possible defeat. The white house admitted that the situation in Ukraine is dire and they could lose. Washington has also finally acknowledged that “Significance” of Advika’s fall. Assessment contradicts earlier claims that the loss of Advika was not crucial for Kyiv.

What U.S Spoke person Said…

I’d also point to what he said about you know taking up the issue of Ukraine funding in a timely fashion he said that right out there right out there, Outside the west wing and we know that he does support funding for Ukraine he said so himself.

We know that the significant house leadership and certainly on both sides of the aisle in the house support funding for Ukraine now. The question is when you say a timely fashion what do you mean by that I can tell you to the Ukrainian soldier on the Battlefront timing this is now it’s right now as you and I just came back from the weekend the Russian started taking some other towns and  villages now they didn’t nothing that is significance of Adka in terms of the logistic hub that they want to create a there but they’re on the move this is not some frozen conflict and so we urge the speaker when he said a timely fashion that he that he actually live up to that because again to the Ukrainian Soldier the time is right now these guys on these Ukrainian soldiers on the front I mean they’re making some real tough decision about  what they’re going to shoot at…


Russia has crushed Ukrainian resistance and made significant gains in recent weeks. After Pobeda and Avdiika victory, Russia captured lastochkyne, Sieverne and Stepove. The Ukrainian army was forced to withdraw after failing to counter the Russians. Kyiv’s military is facing massive manpower and weapons shortage after big losses. Russia army, on the other hand, is roaring across the frontline of Ukraine.

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