Would the United States intervene if China invaded Taiwan?

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Taipei City: There is big election just happened in Taiwan. China, of course, is freaking out because China thinks that Taiwan should be theirs. Some in Taiwan are actually flirting with the idea of declaring independence, and in the middle of all of this, the United States has made the decision to send a bunch of American officials to Taiwan, which is the exact thing they know will just make China really mad.

United States has to walk this really weird ambiguous line with Taiwan. On one hand they’re like required to give them weapons and like by law, saying that they will support their security. On the other hand, they don’t actually technically recognize Taiwan as a country.

But there is big question, that everyone’s asking is “would the United States intervene if China invaded Taiwan?”. No one really knows. So, Biden sending American officials to Taiwan right after the election is just a way of the U.S. kind of saying “Hey. We’re still here, we support you”. And in the process, they’re poking China and staring this relation that have started to become a little bit better

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