Indian Parliament Attacked with Tear Gas | Video Viral

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New Delhi: There has been a significant lapse in security at the Indian Parliament, with another attack occurring, this time involving tear gas. In the Lok Sabha, the largest democracy in the world, tear gas was thrown during a session. The video captures the Lok Sabha proceeding as usual until suddenly, two individuals throw tear gas. The video continues to show the aftermath at 2 o’clock, revealing the security’s response.

It’s disheartening to note that security was compromised despite prior warnings. Media extensively covered the potential threat, and even Pannu directly warned of an action in the Indian Parliament. The security’s apparent weakness allowed individuals to enter and deploy tear gas, fortunately resulting in no casualties. The visuals, however, are still alarming.

This incident underscores the lax attitude towards security. Previously, on the same date in 2001, a deadly attack occurred when terrorists attempted to enter the Indian Parliament with guns. Security thwarted their plan, saving the lives of Parliamentarians. On this day, we honour the sacrifices made by security personnel in 2001.

Given the anniversary and recent warnings from Pannu, security should have been heightened. However, the breach occurred. The media reports reveal that two individuals executed the attack, with one entering as a visitor. Despite passing through security, he concealed a gas canister in his leg, bypassing detection. Investigations should address this security loophole to prevent future incidents.

It is a chilling reminder of the 2001 attack, and lessons must be learned. Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the sacrifice of security officers in a tweet, emphasizing the need for continued vigilance. The public awaits further details on the attackers and their motives.


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