Ukraine’s Worries: Will EU and USA Back Financial Support?

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Brussels: Growing concerns in Ukraine about the reliability of foreign aid and weapons shipments in the face of Russian aggression. High-level EU talks this week could decide the fate of promised 50 billion euros in aid and additional support for weapons. Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s reluctance to support Ukraine raises worries, as he is seen as close to Putin. The EU’s unanimous agreement is crucial, and there are fears Budapest may block support. Ukrainian President Zelensky faces challenges in securing aid, especially with a $61 billion package stuck in the U.S. Congress. Zelensky is in Washington, seeking support and addressing concerns about delayed weapons shipments. The situation intensifies amid ongoing conflict and geopolitical tensions.

In addition, the mental health impact of the war on Ukraine is a growing concern. The country’s mental health system was already strained, and now with the war, there is an urgent need for support. Robert Voren, focusing on human rights and mental health, highlights the long-term consequences for Ukrainian servicemen and the need for a new approach to mental healthcare. While the situation seems challenging, there is an opportunity for a paradigm shift in mental healthcare, utilizing crisis moments to build a more resilient system with peer-to-peer support, especially from veterans.


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