Colombia Plans to Sterilize 70 Hippos from Pablo Escobar’s Legacy!

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Bogotá: Have you seen these hippos in Colombia? Hippos don’t naturally live in Colombia. But in the 1980s, the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar imported four hippos from Africa for his private zoo. A lot of YouTubers are also visiting this place like Yes Theory, Dhruve Rathee, John etc. These hippos are very cute, but very dangerous.

Colombia Plans to Sterilize 70 Hippos from Pablo Escobar's Legacy!

They’ve now proliferated and there’s 165 of them. And it’s becoming a massive problem for Colombia. Last year, a man was attacked by on of these hippos and the government of Colombia finally deciding that they have to take real action. They were super hesitant to just shoot these hippos for obvious reasons. But now they have decided that they have to, to at least a few of them. They also are trying to sterilize them, which seems like a good idea, but we talk to a guy who is actually does this and he said that it’s way harder than you think to sterilize a 4000-pound mammal.

But they’ve got to do something. Because if they don’t, estimates say that there’s going to be over a thousand of these hippos roaming around Colombia by 2035. The team of iNewsFeeds have been following this story for many years now. And we are going follow this for more time. Because it’s quite interesting to us what happened to these hippos.

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