Why China Wants to Control Election Results of India and USA in 2024?

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Meta has recently taken action by banning 4,700 accounts. These accounts, believed to be of Chinese origin, were attempting to exert undue influence, particularly in the context of the 2024 elections in both America and India. A comprehensive report highlighting these activities has been released, emphasizing the urgency to address the interference. Preventative measures must be implemented to safeguard the integrity of the Indian electoral process and to counteract the influence of Chinese accounts. This is a critical period for democracy, as elections serve as the juncture where citizens determine the fate of their current government.

Just imagine a time where social media and the internet have become ubiquitous, not only in India but globally. Smartphones are now pervasive, and people are actively engaging with the internet. In such a scenario, the concerning issue is the extensive manipulation of information on social media platforms. There is growing evidence that certain political parties with favorable ties to China are trying to influence elections. This is a troubling development, and unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of effective mechanisms to counteract this interference. Openly, they are meddling with Indian Elections, and currently, the only defense mechanism in place appears to be financial resources.

And the sole safeguard we currently rely on is the intervention of major tech companies like Meta and Twitter etc. However, it’s crucial to pause and question how a computer user sitting in China can disrupt India’s elections. The answer lies in their large-scale operations, where they create countless accounts in masse. Through this method, they engage in ‘farming’ (means news farming) activities. For instance, after a news item emerges about a candidate committing a wrongful act, even if it’s untrue, these actors flood the content with a multitude of likes, causing the misinformation to rapidly spread. The false narrative persists until the voting is concluded.

This is a critical issue, as the average citizen lacks the time to verify every piece of information presented on their screens. His vote might be determined by the news he encounters. Each time he goes to cast his vote, he may question whether the information he received was manipulated or planted by foreign entities, especially China. Hence, it becomes crucial to expose these networks. Now, you may raise a question: ‘I understand how it works, sir. Everything seems to be attributed to China, and Russia is also involved. However, in this global context.

If there is any champion country in the world in this matter, it is Israel. Let’s get into this topic. While we operate in India, it’s essential to shed light on ‘Team George,’ Israel’s ultra-secret agency—essentially a covert news channel. News reports suggest that it is an ultra-secret agency in Israel specializing in election disruption. According to these reports, the Israeli team, known as Team George, operates similarly to what I described earlier. They are alleged to have influenced the outcomes of elections in 30 countries worldwide.

We have so much power, we have such people, we have such technology that if your government is big, then literary you can say that you have captured an entire country without sending a single soldier. That is why China want to do this interruption in the election results of America and in India.

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