Is Henry Kissinger a War Criminal?

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Phnom Penh: Henry Kissinger came to news after his death at 100 years in Kent, Connecticut, U.S. He was the most powerful secretary of state of the postwar era. Everyone thinks that Henry Kissinger is a war criminal, and I got really curious, is he?

Well, it turns out that one of the major reasons why people think he is because of the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Kissinger oversaw this illegal and secret carpet-bombing campaign where they dropped an unfathomable number of bombs on the country of Cambodia, a country that wasn’t even directly involved in the war. We actually got the data of all of the bombs that were dropped. And when you display it on a map of Cambodia, it’s pretty nuts.

All of these bombs were devastating, killing approximately 100,000 civilians and displacing more than two million. And this is a country that had a population of seven million. Kissinger approved the bombing, he approved the targets, he helped keep it secret, and he somehow, a few years later, got a Nobel Peace Prize, which apparently, he felt really bad about it because he knew that he shouldn’t have gotten it and he tried to send the trophy back. Anyway, this is definitely war crime vibes, and it’s not the only one that Kissinger has on his record.

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