Bob Menendez Taking Bribes from the Egyptian Government?

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New Jersey: Did You see that a U.S lawmaker has been taking bribes from the Egyptian government? We are talking fancy cars and gold bars and cold, harsh cash. Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey and his wife are accused of helping Egypt influence U.S policy.

Bob Menendez Taking Bribes from the Egyptian Government?

Menendez shared sensitive information about U.S officials. He helped approved big weapon sales to Egypt, in addition to a ton of other really sketchy stuff. And the whole time he was doing this, he was the chairman of the senate committee that in charge of U.S. foreign policy. And he used his position of influence to help Egypt and get rich doing it.

He’s now stepped down from that job and could face up to 20 years in prison if he found guilty. So yeah, there’s a corruption here in U.S government and some of them are corrupted also. The U.S government was now started searching of these people.

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