King Charles’s Uncomfortable Kenya Trip

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Nairobi: King Charles just visited Kenya for the first time since he became the king of England and it very awkward. You may don’t know about Kenya. Kenya is a former British Colony and they have been celebrating their 60th anniversary of independence from Britain this year in 2023. But the history is kind of horrible.

Back in the 1950s, the British administration rounded up and tortured thousands of Kenyans who were fighting against colonial rule of the Britain. For years, Kenyans have demanded a formal apology and reparations from the United Kingdom. And for some reason, the UK refuses to give it to them. The King did acknowledge in the speech that Britain had some horrible wrongdoings in the past, but he didn’t apologize.

It turns out that he actually doesn’t have the power to apologize. Only the United Kingdom government is allowed to do that, and they definitely should. Kenya is actually a very significant place for the British. It was during her visit in 1952 that Elizabeth learned that she was going to be next queen of England. Though King Charles’s speech was move in the right direction, and it wasn’t a full apology and not nearly enough to atone for the sins of British colonialism.

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