Moj Video Status Video Download 2024 Updated

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Moj is a social app where anyone can post their short videos for free of cost. Moj also provide some extra and some special effects, emotion, stickers and many more which is not available in any other short video app like Instagram, Facebook etc. If you are looking for Moj Video Status Download, Moj short Videos, Moj Video Status for WhatsApp, Moj Video Download, Moj WhatsApp Status Video, Moj Video Status Video Download 2024 Updated, then you are in the right place. In this post we going to share some of the best short videos for you which you can use on your status for free of cost. Take a look on these status by Moj.

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What You get on Moj App

  1. Short-form Videos: Similar to TikTok, Moj allowed users to create short videos, typically ranging from 15 to 60 seconds.
  2. Music and Effects: Users could enhance their videos with a wide range of music tracks and special effects, making it a versatile platform for creative expression.
  3. User Community: Moj fostered a vibrant user community where creators could engage with their audience and fellow creators through likes, comments, and shares.
  4. In-App Editing Tools: The app provided users with various editing tools to enhance their content, including filters, text overlays, and video editing features.
  5. Discover Page: Users could explore a curated “Discover” page to find trending videos, popular creators, and content tailored to their interests.
  6. Editing Tools: Moj provided in-app editing tools that allowed users to edit and customize their videos before sharing them with the community.

About Moj App

Moj is a social media app where anyone can share their short form of videos for free of cost. Moj is a Indian app based in Bangalore by Mohalla Tech PVT LTD. Moj also paid their users for sharing short videos on their platform. That means anyone can earn money from Moj app by sharing videos online. Moj App became very popular and famous in India when Indian Government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps including the world-famous app TikTok. Download your favorite movie from Extramovies.

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