Israeli City Eilat Targeted in Drone Attack by Houthi Rebels

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Eilat: Iran-backed Houthi rebels have intensified their activities in the Red Sea, leading to heightened maritime tensions. Recently, two Liberian-flagged ships were targeted, and an Israeli city, Eilat, was attacked with drones. Egyptian air defenses successfully intercepted one flying object off the Red Sea coast near the resort town of Dahab on Egypt’s eastern Sinai coast.

In the attack on Eilat, Houthi rebels launched a swarm of drones, referring to the city as “Southern occupied Palestine.” The spokesperson for the Houthis mentioned that these attacks will persist until the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) cease their assault in Gaza.

Despite the successful interception of a drone near Dahab, the origin of the destroyed drone remains unknown. The region has experienced frequent attacks since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war. The Houthis have been escalating tensions by launching near-daily attacks on vital waterways.

The Houthi rebels have explicitly warned of further attacks on vessels associated with or linked to Israel in the Red Sea. The group’s actions align with their status as part of the “Axis of Resistance,” similar to Hamas, which is currently engaged in conflict with Israel.

Israel has attributed these attacks to Iran, characterizing them as an international issue rather than solely an Israeli concern. The Israeli government emphasizes the need for a collective response to address the broader implications of these actions in the Red Sea.


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