Israel’s Occupation in the Palestinian Territories

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West Bank: During the recent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Israel release 240 Palestinians prison. But this is what’s crazy, that same week. They also arrested 133 Palestinians. This is what a lot of people don’t really understand about the Israeli occupation.

Is that one of the most egregious things that Israel does is they just arrest Palestinians without charging them with a crime. A lot of the Palestinians are like teenage boys who are arrested for like effectively throwing stones.

Since the Hamas attack of October 7th, Israel has been going nuts on arresting people in the West Bank, which different than Gaza, where Hamas is. They detent over 300 Palestinians in the West Bank, which is ten times than the number of people that they have released. These people don’t know why they’re arrested.

They will never have a trial, like this is not due process. This is not the rule of law. This is occupation. It’s wrong. Many of these kids are going to be prison for months or years. Israel was doing totally wrong and it is also violating the war rule.

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