Why the UK and Greece are Fighting?

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London: Britain and Greece are kind of fighting with each. And the reason was shock you. This fighting for some statues. These statues are sculptures that are more than 2000 years old and they are housed in the British Museum in London.

Back in the 1980s, a British lord took this sculpture from Greece, brought them to the UK. Crucially, he did get permission from the Ottoman Empire, which at the time did control Greece. But once Greece got their independence, they asked for the statues back. And off course, Britain said “no”.

Why the UK and Greece are Fighting?

Fast forward to last week when the Greek prime minister said on BBC interview “We feel that these sculptures belong to Greece and that they were essentially stolen”. And this pissed off the British prime minister so much that he canceled his meeting with the Greek prime minister.

But like, com on. These statues are from Greece. There’s literally a place in the Parthenon that is dedicated to these statues that’s just sitting there blank, waiting for them to return to their rightful place. But the British are just not going to budge on this.

They’re like, “No, we stole these, and we’re going to just keep them, like we did with everything else that we’ve stolen from around the world.” Britain also denied to return India’s most popular Diamond name “Kohinoor” that has been stolen from India during the British rule in the 1900s.

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