Isarel has the Capability to Convert Beirut into Gaza | Said Netanyahu

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Tel Aviv: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given a spine chilling warning to the country of Lebanon. He has said that if the Lebanese group Hezbollah continues to attack Israel, we will convert Beirut into Gaza. That means, they destroyed Beirut like Gaza.

Now Israel is slowly entering into Gaza’s Southern part as well. Here you will be able to see these new strips being formed, these are blue colored Israeli tanks which are continuously moving towards Khan Yus. Khan Yus ¬†is a very important place in Gaza and as Israel is capturing more areas of Gaza.

Why Netanyahu Threaten Lebanon?

Lebanon, a country in the north of Israel, the capital of Lebanon is Beirut and the population of Lebanon is around 55 lakhs, the population of Israel is 90 lakhs. Now there is a group in Lebanon by the name of Hezbollah, you must have heard about it. Hezbollah is a political and militant group. There are many countries in the world who considered Hezbollah a terrorist organization like USA, UK, Australia and Israel, obviously

Now the strange thing that happened is that Hezbollah, which is active in Lebanon, has recently started firing on Israel and recently when they fired an anti-tank missile, it resulted in the death of an Israeli civilian.

The country is also shocked today because its population is still absorbing the continuous attacks on Israel, one after the other, because first of all you will remember that Hamas had carried out a big attack on Israel, 1200 Israelis were killed. Now its details are also coming to light, the manner in which the women were killed, the gruesome details are coming to the fore, there are very spine chilling details of all those events and as these details are becoming known to the population of Israel, People are feeling very shattered and empty, and now these people are also seeing this.

Now, the moral of country is down for the war and that is why Netanyahu was give this statement that Israel is still more capable. We will do the same with Hezbollah as we did with Gaza. We still have the capability to convert Beirut into Gaza after the military operation.

Is it possible to do what Israel did in the Gaza Strip? Can Israel do the same thing?

In Lebanon, it will be very difficult to defeat Hezbollah. There is a big difference between Hezbollah and Hamas. Hezbollah has a bigger army, more people, they have better defense equipment, many reports claims that Russia has sold its defense equipment to Hezbollah, apart from that Iran’s defense equipment is still with Hezbollah, so defeating Hezbollah will be very different from defeating Hamas and Hezbollah is many times bigger than Hamas. USA also says that Russia’s private army, Wagner Group, which was in the news recently, is also in Hamas Israel war.

Why would Russia help Hezbollah? Why would Russia get entangled here?

The answer is very simple. The more Israel is busy, the more Israel will get entangled in Lebanon and Gaza, the more USA was also engaged with Israel. US will feel more diverted here in the strip, the USA will have to fund Israel and what will happen in all this is that the priority that Ukraine has, it will reduce and gradually Russia will keep advancing in Ukraine, so almost you say. Here’s another front opening.


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