Russia Pulled Out of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

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Moscow: Something kind of big just happened with nuclear weapons, Russia Pulled out of a treaty that bans countries from testing their nukes, which is an important measure we take to stop countries from getting into a nuclear arms race like we had during the cold war.

Russia and the United States have 89% of all the nuclear weapons in the world. And for the long time they kept competing against each other on who could get more. To de-escalate this, they did a lot of stuff, but one of the things they did was sign this treaty that basically said, like, let’s not test nuclear weapons, which would provoke each other to like, want to ratchet up how many we each have.

The U.S signed it too, but never ratified it. So, they didn’t actually commit to it.  So, Russia, by pulling out of the treaty, is like, hey, we’re just doing what the U.S has been doing this whole time, which is, we mean, true. So now Russia can test nuclear weapons whenever they want though they say they have no plans to do so. The big worry here is if they do, they’re going to set a bad example for other countries who also want nuclear weapons and potentially spark another arms race.

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