Is Qatar winning the Russia-Ukraine war?

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Doha: Qatar is a very tiny desert country in the middle-east. The nation was filled with natural resources like Petrol, Natural gas etc. When the west and Europe, sanction Russia, Qatar is making more energy supplies to the Europe.

Is Qatar winning the Russia-Ukraine war?

Russia provides all the energy need to the Europe before the war. When Russia attacked Ukraine, US and the Europe sanction Russia and banned all the imports from Russian Federation. But the needs of daily life in Europe still huge. They have to import natural gas and petroleum for their daily life. As the winter is very harsh in Europe. Qatar knows about the needs of the European nations.

Now, Europe got a alternate to Qatar from Russia. As Qatar is highly stored natural resources. Qatar is now drilling more natural gas and petroleum products than ever. Now Qatar is exporting all the natural resources to the Europe. But Qatar doesn’t have any pipeline to the Europe like Russia. So, they used to provide all the natural gas and petroleum product through the ships.

Now Qatar is making very huge amount of money from the war. Because they are the only nation who provide Europe energy supplies. This is the main reason behind the winning concepts of Qatar winning.

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