Vladimir Putin’s Grand Welcome By UAE Shock the Western Nations

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Abu Dhabi: The video of Vladimir Putin’s grand welcome in the United Arab Emirates, which has gone viral worldwide. The 21-gun salute and the continuous display of the country’s flag in the sky mark this remarkable reception. The UAE has extended a welcome to Putin that surpasses even what Prime Minister Modi received in the region. Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia aim to send a clear message to Western countries, particularly the USA, that they won’t isolate Russia upon their request.

Notably, both the UAE and Saudi Arabia have joined BRICS, along with Iran from January 1, 2024, further strengthening ties. The grand welcome for Putin is seen as a geopolitical move, indicating their support for Russia against Western attempts to isolate it. The discussion also touches on Russia’s role in geopolitical conflicts, such as the Israel-Hamas war, where Russia has shown some support for Hamas.

Concerns about the Israel-Hamas conflict is discussed, with a focus on potential casualties and the impact on Gaza’s population. The UAE and Saudi Arabia are expected to address this issue and attempt to intervene in ending the conflict. The conversation ends with the anticipation of Putin’s possible visit to India and the suggestion that Russia is making a significant re-entry into global geopolitics.


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